Double Your Workout!

Fulton County Y Members, you can now use our online 'Reserve a Workout Portal' to book back-to-back timeslots for the Fitness Center, subject to availability that day. We are slowly and safely increasing our capacity, so that means we can accommodate those who need a longer workout in the Fitness Center. Need even more of a workout? Add a Lap Swim reservation and even an Outdoor Group Exercise class to that in the same day! The double reservation is only good for the Fitness Center and Outdoor Group Exercise Classes at this time, please do not make multiple aquatics reservations for the same day.

When making multiple reservations for the same day, complete the first reservation, then select the option to book another service to make another reservation for the same day.

Though we were able to increase reservation options for services redeemed on the same day, at this time we ask that you please do not book for multiple days on the same day. What does that mean? While you can book a 7AM and 8AM reservation for the Fitness Center for Monday for example, you should not also make your reservation for Tuesday that same day. Please wait until the following day to make reservations for another day- that way our members all have an opportunity to select days and time slots that work best for them.

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