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Fitness Center Reservations Now Open!

The wait is over! Reservations can now be made for our Wellness Center (Fitness Center) for September 1-4th using our 'Reserve a Workout portal' on our website! You can also call Member Services to make your reservation over the phone (518) 848-3447. If you are currently on hold, you have to reactivate your membership prior to making your reservation-- just call our friendly Member Services team to assist!

Reservation Conditions

You will be able to make up to 3 reservations for one day to create a full workout experience but they must be for different services (like fitness center, followed by pool, followed by an outdoor group exercise class-- not 2 or 3 reservations for the Fitness Center in the same day for example). Also please remember you can only place a reservation once per day. For example: if you want to reserve your workouts for Tuesday and Wednesday, you can make your Tuesday reservation today and tomorrow you can make a reservation for Wednesday. Reservations for the week of September 8th will be added at a later date. The Y will be closed Labor Day weekend, Sept. 5-7th.

As regulations loosen up, we will change our reservation policies accordingly, like being able to allow more people in the Fitness Center at once or allowing members to make more reservations per day. We will keep you posted!

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as space is limited and we want to be sure everyone has a chance to get a workout in! Hope to see you soon! #OpenforGood

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