New Try-the-Y Pass

Hey non-members-- want to try out some of the Y healthy living member benefits before you commit to joining our Y? Try our new Try-the-Y Pass, available for purchase December 1, 2020-January 31, 2021.

The Try-the-Y Pass is a one-time membership pass for non-members and college students, to try the Y out for one or two months, with access to healthy living member benefits like use of the fitness center, pool, gym, exercise classes, programs and more, subject to availability by reservation.

Once this trial membership pass expires, it can not be renewed or re-purchased (regular Y membership will have to be purchased or just let the pass expire with no further obligation.) If you do decide to join after your trial period is over, we will discount your joiner's fee or first month dues by $10 (depending on the level of membership you purchase).

A Try-the-Y Pass is convenient because it is prepaid and does not require your bank account information and there’s no joiner’s fee involved! Try-the-Y Passes are nonrefundable and non-transferrable. The pass is good for one or two months from the date of purchase (depending on the length of pass you purchase). No need to cancel or fill out lots of paperwork. You can join right online using our Join Today link!

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